Wholesale vanilla beans

Vanilla beans

Wholesale vanilla beans
Minimum order is 100 kg.
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Vanilla beans or vanilla pods are used to make vanillin. This spice has a nice sweet scent but a slightly bitter taste. It is often used to make pastry, chocolate and various desserts. Vanillin is also added to fermented milk products and coffee.

Moreover, vanilla beans do not only have a good taste and aroma, but they also offer a lot of healthy properties. In particular, the spice improves the tonus of the human body, boosts appetite while activating metabolic processes. Organic vanilla beans have a stimulating effect on the functioning of the entire digestive system, help the recovery of the gallbladder and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.  The smell of vanillin calms the nervous system, eliminates an elevated level of anxiety and improves sleep. Vanilla contains coumarin, salicylic acid and other substances that provide additionally an analgesic effect, ease spasms in the intestine and reduce headaches.

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